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This article was originally published directly on Github, I've added a small precis here in order to link through to it.

We design and build web sites for clients using OrchardCMS which, out-of-the-box, doesn't come with some of the core functionality you'd generally expect from a CMS: Sitemaps, FavIcons, SEO etc etc.

Although there appear to be a lot of modules available for Orchard in the gallery, many are out of date, or don't work with the latest version (1.10.2), or are generally no longer supported.
However, rather than starting from scratch, we took a bunch of those third-party modules and reworked them where necessary. We currently use these modules in production websites, and we generally refer to them as our 'Site Essentials' - as they contain functionality we'd generally use in every website.


All of these modules have been forked and are available on our main Github organisation page. The main article about the modules, the changes we've made and our coding approach are detailed here.

  • Yaplex.SEO
    • Robots.txt - Enables an admin interface to manage the contents of the robots file.
    • SEO Metadata - Enables configuration of SEO keywords and metadata for each content item .
  • Vandelay.Industries
    • Favicon - Reworked to enable support for multiple favicons
  • Mod.CookieConsent
    • Cookie Consent - Enables site to be compliant with cookie legislation
  • Om.Orchard.SocialMetaTags
    • OpenGraph tags - Provides ability to configure opengraph settings per content item.
  • WebAdvanced.Sitemap
    • Site Map - Provides configurable xml and html sitemaps
  • Lombiq.SimpleAnalytics
    • Analytics - Configures settings for Google Analytics etc.
  • Devworx.CodePrettify
    • Code Prettification - Enables code in an article to be tagged and formatted nicely.

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