About Us

Lucy Hyde-Thomson founded Business Integrations in 2005 after several years’ experience with a blue chip company as a technical architect and prior to that as a database and web application designer with a high technology speech recognition company.

Becoming freelance enabled the experiences gained in a large enterprise environment to benefit smaller clients, whilst being more sensitive to their needs. Lucy found that operating a small business allows for faster reactions to changing client needs, and more flexibility than larger consultancies without losing any of the professionalism or skills.

Adding to these skills Lucy can offer help with all aspects of Microsoft 365 and moving your business and processes to the cloud. In our new hybrid work environment Lucy can also help with presenting online and running webinars.

Andy Mason joined the company in 2010, bringing with him a wealth of experience both in technical architecture but also from a software development perspective. He is an expert on performance tuning Oracle and PeopleSoft: discovering, troubleshooting and solving problems across the application tiers including SQL and PeopleCode. Andy also brings the depth of his knowledge of Microsoft SQL Server and .net technologies to the business.

Lucy and Andy have both worked for Accenture and BT, and between them have vast experience in application development, web development and technical architecture.